Nuova Simonelli Mythos

Thanks to its advanced electronic features, the Nuova Simonelli Mythos high-volume “on-demand” espresso grinder can quickly grind precise pre-programmed quantities of coffee grounds directly into your portafilter.

Optional thermal stabilizing system makes for more consistent dosing weights and new Clump Crusher technology evenly disperses the ground coffee particles and retains virtually no grounds from the previous dose.

Mythos Grinder Models:
Mythos Barista

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Mythos Plus
Grind-on-Demand with Dynamometric Tamper
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Simple. Simply press the portafilter into the fork and Mythos will grind and dispense one of three different pre-programmed dose amounts. The optional built-in adjustable Dynamometric tamper ensures the proper tamping when the pre-set pressure is reached.

Intelligent. Mythos utilizes numerous electronic functions to make grinding easier including a stop & go feature (ability to pause during grinding) and the ability to manually add ground coffee.

Precise and Efficient. Easy access to the Micrometric grind adjustment dial to set the perfect grind, then instantly grind coffee in as little as 1.35 seconds with no static cling.

Powerful. Mythos can grind up to 18 kg of coffee per hour.

Versatile. Mythos is available in 2 versions to suit any need.

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