Nuova Simonelli Mythos Barista

The Mythos Barista is an espresso grinder designed for today’s Professional Barista. This  “on-demand” grinder uses special Titanium burrs that last three times longer than standard burrs, and the motor spins at a lower RPM to reduce heat and friction, preserving even the most delicate coffee flavours.

Optional thermal stabilizing system makes for more consistent dosing weights and new Clump Crusher technology evenly disperses the ground coffee particles and retains virtually no grounds from the previous dose. This means the Mythos Barista completely eliminates static and has the lowest ground coffee retention in the industry.

Standard Colour
  • Low-RPM motor and large 75mm Titanium burrs grinds coffee quickly with less friction
  • Optional thermal stabilizing system makes for more consistent dosing weights
  • Step-less Micrometric grind adjustment dial for precise grind settings
  • LCD multilingual multi-function display
  • 3 programmed doses + manual dosing
  • Stainless steel fork holds Portafilter in position while activating grinder
  • Grinds espresso as fast as 2.7 seconds
  • 3.2 Kg transparent bean hopper with safe removal system
  • Coffee grounds tray removes for easy cleaning
Technical Data & Grinder Comparison Chart
Grinder Model Mythos Barista Low-RPM Grind-on-Demand Mythos Plus
with Doser
Hopper Capacity (Kg) 3.2 Kg 3.2 Kg 1.2 Kg 500g 500g
Programmable Stop & Go Dosing Settings 3 3 n/a n/a n/a
Built-in Tamper n/a Stainless Steel Dynamometric n/a n/a n/a
Grind Adjustment Micro-metric Micro-metric Micro-metric Micro-metric Standard
Burr Size (mm) & Type 75mm Titanium Burrs 75mm Titanium Burrs 65mm Steel Burrs 50mm Steel Burrs 50mm Steel Burrs
Grinding Speed (seconds/dose) 2.7 seconds 1.35 seconds 2.7 seconds 4.9 seconds 6.8 seconds
Productivity (Kg/hr) 15 Kg/hr 18 Kg/hr 9 Kg/hr 5 Kg/hr 3.6 Kg/hr
Colours Black Standard: Black
Optional: Grey
Standard: Black
Optional: Grey
Standard: Black
Optional: Chrome
Standard: Black
Optional: Chrome Finish
Height (cm/inch) 59.5cm (23.5'') 59.5cm (23.5'') 59.5cm (23.5'') 32.5cm (12.75'') 42cm (16.5'')
Width (cm-inch) 19cm (7.5'') 19cm (7.5'') 19cm (7.5'') 11cm (4.25") 14cm (5.5'')
Depth (cm-inch) 50cm (19.5'') 50cm (19.5'') 54.5 (21.5'') 16.5cm (6.5'') 21cm (8.25'')
Weight (Kg-Lbs) 20 (44) 20 (44) 10.5 (23) 5 (11) 4.25 (9.25)
Voltage Requirement 110V 110V 110V 110V 110V
Power Requirement (Watts) 950W 950W 450W 225W 220W
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