Simonelli Aurelia II
WBC Official Espresso Machine

In 2008, Simonelli fulfilled the requirements of the WBC selection committee and succeeded in winning approval to make Aurelia the official machine for the World Barista Championship from 2009 to 2011, only to win it again for 2012 to 2014 for the improved Aurelia II.

The Aurelia II T3 incorporates the patented T3 technology, an innovative PID system developed for use as the World Barista Championship machine. Digital pressostats and temperature sensors instantly send information to the control unit through multiple independent PIDs which actively manage 3 separate parameters, in order to grant maximum thermal stability.

There are separate PID’s for adjusting the water temperature of each of several thermal insulated stainless steel boilers (main steam boiler and individual group water boilers) and separate PIDs for controlling the temperature of each independently heated group. Each individual group can be independently adjusted to a specific temperature in increments of 0.1 degrees, allowing for maximum extraction of different espresso blends if required by the Barista or Coffee Roaster.


SIS guarantees a thick and creamy espresso shot. This patented soft infusion system increases the amount of crema in the cup while compensating for tamping errors. In fact, this innovative double infusion system eliminates channeling guaranteeing a perfect and uniform extraction

Intelligent - Many programming features make Aurelia II both easy to use and highly functional. The new full-colour graphic TFT display (Digit and T3) makes it easier to manage the advanced PID system and other features such as automatic back flushing, grind check, shot time and pre-infusion time adjustment, water softener replacement scheduling, etc. The optional “Smart” Wand steams milk to a pre-programmed temperature and consistency – perfect for use by beginners or for making hot chocolates. 

Ergonomic - The Aurelia II is the only machine in the world certified as ergonomic for Baristas by the European Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics. The steam controls are easy-to-use push/pull levers that can held open or locked in place. The steam wands can maneuver 360 degrees for ease of use with any size steaming pitcher, and the optional Cool Touch steam wands are safer for the Barista to maneuver.

The exposed groups are easy to see and access without bending over, and all buttons are back-lit. The portafilter handles are inclined downwards to make the hand's position more natural when holding it, while the 5 kg brew groups are designed to precise engineering standards to allow for smooth locking and unlocking of portafilters, easing pressure on the Barista’s hands and wrists.

Versatile - Aurelia is available in 2, 3 or 4-group versions in each model – Semi, Volumetric, Digit, and T3 – to suit any need. Groups are also offered in two heights: standard (90mm) and tall (135mm)

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Aurelia II Semi
Aurelia II Volumetric
Aurelia II Digit
Aurelia II T3
Featuring manual controls With programmable shot lengths With PID The official WBC competition espresso machine with multiple PID & independent boliers

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