Mazzer Espresso Grinders

All Mazzer grinders feature stepless micro-metric grind adjustment which allows the Barista to set the perfect grind. With a Mazzer electronic dosing grinder the Barista can pre-program a single or double espresso dose or use the manual dose button. Incorporated digital display also has a shot counter.

All standard doser models will start grinding with a manual switch; Timer models will grind for a length of time determined by the Barista and the Automatic models will start the grinding cycle after every 12 doses and will stop when the ground coffee doser is full.

The Mazzer Robur and Mazzer Major have the largest bean hoppers, grinding burrs and horse power, ideal for a higher daily volume of beverages.  The Mazzer Kony and Mazzer Jolly are more suited to average daily volumes (approx. 100 – 200 drinks/day).

The Mazzer Robur and Mazzer Kony utilize conical burrs which preserve more of the coffee’s aroma; they do this by grinding at only 500 rpm, reducing frictional heating of the coffee grounds. Conical burr grinders are also quieter than flat-burr grinders, and are less likely to clog.

Technical Data & Electronic Grinder Comparison Chart

Grinder Model

Robur Electronic

Kony Electronic

Major Electronic
Jolly Electronic
Hopper Capacity (Kg) 1.8 Kg 1.3 Kg 1.8 Kg 1.2 Kg
Grind Adjustment Stepless Micro-metric Stepless Micro-metric Stepless Micro-metric Stepless Micro-metric
Burr Size (mm)
& Type
71mm Conical Burrs 63mm Conical Burrs 83mm Flat Burrs 64mm Flat Burrs
Grinding Speed 500 rpm 500 rpm 1600 rpm 1600 rpm
Colours Black, Silver Black, Silver Black, Silver Black, Silver
Height (cm/inch) 72cm (28.5'') 65cm (25.5'') 63.5cm (25'') 61cm (24'')
Width (cm-inch) 19.5cm (7.75'') 19.5cm (7.75'') 19.5cm (7.75'') 19.5cm (7.75'')
Depth (cm-inch) 45cm (17.75'') 42cm (16.5'') 45.5cm (18'') 42cm (16.5'')
Weight (Kg-Lbs) 28kg (62 lbs) 20kg (44 lbs) 20kg (44 lbs) 14kg (31 lbs)
Voltage Requirement 110V 110V 110V 110V
Power Requirement (Watts) 900W 350W 650W 350W
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