Elektra "Belle Epoque" Series

The Belle Epoque is the espresso machine embodying the charm of the past with the technology of the future.  This full-size vertical machine is designed to be the focal point of any location where the art of espresso is appreciated.   Replete with artistic touches, this hand-built machine has many beautiful refinements from it's meticulously sculptured inlays and eagle-topped dome, to it's Briarwood coloured bakelite appointments.

The 2- and 3-group units come standard as automatic models with Elektra's exclusive 7 separate electronic dose controls per group.

The exclusive rounded 4-jet steam tips make micro-foamed milk and Latte Art easier than ever. It is available in two distinct finishes, to match any decor: highly polished chrome or copper & brass.

Redesigned for 2005 with a larger boiler capacity and improved access to controls - increasing functionality even further. The Belle Epoque - Coffee Art at its best.

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